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Memorial Day & Displaying the U.S. Flag

I recently returned from a family trip to Ohio. As we drove through the small town of Woodville, in Sandusky County, my husband and I noticed flags flying at half staff. While I don’t know whether the flags were lowered to honor a fallen soldier, first responder, or beloved citizen, they were a poignant reminder that this country still has troops in harm’s way in distant lands.


Investing in Business Relations

Happy Valentines Day! As we in the United States think of friends and loved ones during this holiday, consider whether you are investing in your business relationships in addition to your personal ones. Do you have a strategy, a plan for targeting those relationships that are most important to your organization? Are you engaged in corporate diplomacy?


A Headscarf, a Handshake: Insult or Not?

There has been lots of coverage in the media recently about the death of King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia and the visit of President and Mrs. Obama to pay their respects and meet King Salman. During this meeting Mrs. Obama did not wear a headscarf. Some feel this was disrespectful. For the full story click here.


It’s the Year of the Goat, Sheep, Ram

As people around the world celebrate the Lunar New Year, there’s some discussion as to just what year it is. It depends on who you ask. It seems that the character in question can be interpreted as either a sheep, goat, or ram. Each has slightly different characteristics, so according to a BBC story, people choose the one they feel best suits.


Namaste, Namegate & Nicorette Gum: President Obama Visits India

Dignitary visits present many opportunities to observe protocol in action, and presidential visits may be the best in providing lessons learned–both good and bad.

President and Mrs. Obama visited India recently. The President was seen using the traditional namaste greeting. Greetings set the tone of a visit, and I believe this was an appropriate and respectful way to show some understanding of India’s culture and people.


Question & Answer Sessions and Delayed Guest of Honor

Ask the Protocol Lady: How can I run the question and answer session at my event more effectively?

One of the more educational components of a conference, meeting or presentation is the question and answer session. It can be very interactive and allow the participants to get specific questions addressed by experts. However, if not managed well, it can result in story time, speakers being insulted, the rest of your participants being frustrated that the same few people are always asking questions or making comments instead of asking questions.