Vision & Mission


Garza Protocol’s mission is to help our clients succeed in the global market by providing practical protocol & business etiquette training, expert visit and event management, and proven strategies for corporate diplomacy.


At Garza Protocol Associates, we believe in better business through better understanding.


Early in my career, I read an interview with Ambassador Takakazu Kuriyama, who was then Japan’s Ambassador to the U.S. (1992-95). He was talking about Japan’s view of Japan-US relations, but I thought his remarks applied to every culture, and they stayed with me. He said that Japan’s “different way of doing business” based on “cultural idiosyncrasies such as the emphasis on harmony and long term human relationships,” sometimes makes it hard for foreign suppliers to enter the market. “But they are not barriers. Cultural differences must be understood. I am convinced that if we can learn about each other, if we can make an attempt to understand each other, then we will begin to trust each other. And if we trust, then the future will not be as complex and confusing.” I know that for my clients, it’s often basic economics. They hire Garza Protocol Associates because we can help them succeed in the global market. But for me, it’s about more than the bottom line.  If at the same time as we help people succeed in business, we can help them do as Ambassador Kuriyama said — learn about each other, attempt to understand each other, and trust each other — then we’re contributing something to the greater good, and that’s truly worthwhile. It’s a win-win, and that’s why I established Garza Protocol Associates.