SGM-Natl-Lieu-Gov-035_edited-1 When you spend over twenty years at the center of protocol operations for an international hub city like Houston, you collect a few war stories along with a wealth of practical knowledge. Sonia Garza-Monarchi expertly weaves the two together in educational and engaging presentations for keynotes, lunch meetings, or break-out sessions. Below are a few examples; contact Garza Protocol Associates for a complete list of offerings or to have her develop a custom program for your audience.

Cultural Collisions A picture is worth a thousand words. This engaging and interactive presentation provides an educational and entertaining look at “cultural collisions” taken from today’s news stories, with an analysis of protocol principles at work. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly A fun, fast-paced glimpse of real-life successes and bloopers in international dignitary hosting, illustrated with photos gathered from 30 years of actual visit and event coordination involving dignitaries from the Dalai Lama to the leaders of the G8. Gaffes and Glories: Global Gift Giving

Companies and government offices can spend thousands of dollars buying gifts. However, it’s the culturally-sensitive thought that counts when choosing and presenting gifts for diverse recipients. Know your objective, and remember to take into account local practices, company policies and anticorruption laws. Learn the do’s and taboos of gift-giving around the world and give the gift they’ll keep and remember, whether token or treasure.

Pass the Protocol, Please Seating charts are only the beginning of the challenges that must be faced when planning events and feeding the powerful and their entourages. Hear about menu mishaps, decoration disasters, flag faux-pas and much more.