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Frequently Asked Questions

People from many different cultures are coming to my event.  What foods should I avoid serving?

buffet When doing an event for people from many cultures and I don’t have specifics as to which cultures then I would avoid pork and any dishes with alcohol. Even some shellfish may be taboo so I might avoid it as well. I also try to make sure that there are plenty of vegetarian dishes. If the event is a buffet, you can easily manage this by having a variety of food stations so people can pick and choose. Just make sure all dishes are clearly labeled. Depending on your audience you might have to work with the caterer to prepare a halal, kosher, gluten free or other specific menus. I also try to avoid dishes with nuts since so many people are allergic to them.

table-setting If it is a sit-down event your invitation should have a line indicating any special dietary requirements so that the caterers can prepare in advance. Most caterers can handle a few vegetarian meals but anything beyond that should be pre-arranged. Never assume anything and make sure the caterer has had experience with various menus by asking them during the interview process. Remember to do a tasting of all items.