Case Studies

We handle global management projects, requiring the ability to work effectively around the world with people from all cultures, industries, and governments. Garza Protocol ensures that protocol is not just observed, but applied for our clients’ benefit. No matter the venture, our clients can be confident when we are behind the scenes, with the experience to put out the sparks of an unexpected problem before they become a fire.

Project Description: High-Stakes, High-Profile Dinner

Garza Protocol oversaw all protocol aspects of a gala dinner held in a European city, involving a multinational audience including energy executives, ambassadors, and energy ministers. During the six months of planning preceding the dinner, Garza Protocol advised executives of this major corporation to meet with the local mayor and U.S. ambassador, prepared briefing documents and attended meetings, reviewed save the date cards, invitations, and correspondence to ensure the correct forms of address and other protocol aspects were covered. Special consideration, including tasting sessions, was given to the menu to accommodate dietary requirements of many cultures. Seating was also a key concern. This was the first major international event for this client, so it was important that its senior executives be seated with selected clients and government officials from the various countries where they work, while at the same time, rules of protocol had to be observed. Garza Protocol worked closely with the company’s president and CEO to coordinate these details in advance, and then handled the inevitable last minute changes, with guests flying in from over 20 countries, party crashers, and responses the day of the event.

Client Result: Business Development at the Dinner Table

The client accomplished its goal of hosting a first-class international event that paid attention to every protocol detail and allowed its executives to tell their company’s story and build stronger relationships with international clients and government officials including cabinet ministers, and ambassadors from over 20 countries in a more relaxed environment.

Customized training in the areas of protocol, business etiquette, and cross-cultural awareness. Garza Protocol trains everyone from the CEO to support staff, so that organizations can operate confidently in any market, using the power of protocol.

Project Description: Building Global Competency and Capabilities for Multinational Executives

While senior executives at this Fortune 500 company were masters in their fields of expertise, they now found themselves representing the company in countries around the world and meeting with upper-level government officials, including cabinet ministers, vice presidents, and presidents. Their training had not prepared them for this kind of interaction. Garza Protocol developed an intensive day-long program, “Diplomacy & Strategic Communication Leadership Training.” We included interactive exercises, practical protocol guidance, and talking points for addressing sensitive questions that sometimes arose. Topics covered included the importance of building relationships, rank and order of precedence, proper greetings, meeting protocol, global communication strategies, and best practices.

Client Result: More Effective, More Confident Executives

The client’s executives were surveyed after the training. They agreed that they now had the tools to establish and better maintain relationships, and knew the correct protocol for meeting with government officials, for engaging in appropriate small talk, and for professional conduct at international social events.

Garza Protocol has the depth of experience you need when high-ranking officials visit. We provide dignitary visit coordination requiring attention to numerous details, behind-the-scenes expertise at anticipating potential problems, dealing with the inevitable last minute changes, and executing a flawless visit from the perspective of the distinguished guest and the client.

Project Description: Company Hosting a Head of State

Garza Protocol was hired by a Fortune 500 company to coordinate the visit of a head of state with his accompanying delegation. Working with the client’s team, the consulate, the U.S. Secret Service, and local authorities, we had two weeks to organize a speaking event for the president attended by 250 guests, a luncheon for 50 senior government officials and energy executives, a ribbon cutting, a flag raising, and plaque unveiling, followed by a reception for over 200 guests.

Client Result: A Happy Head of State, and a Happier Client

The project was so successful that the head of state has returned twice since, each time with bigger delegations. Garza Protocol has been the planning coordinator on each visit.

Speeches that educate and engage the audience. Garza Protocol entertains and enlightens with information on protocol, business etiquette, and cross-cultural communication that is tailored to the audience and its needs.

Project Description: Casual Attire Impacting Corporate Image and Performance

Garza Protocol was hired to conduct a workshop with executive assistants regarding their role and the image of the company as pertains to dress. Although the company had an informal corporate culture, executives were concerned that staff attire was increasingly informal, and that this informality was transferring to interactions with clients resulting in a negative impression.

Client Result: Executive Assistants Understood the Importance of their Attire & the Role They Played in Developing the Company’s Image—Developed Consensus on Professional Attire, Achieved through Diplomacy

In the course of the interactive presentation, which included a mini-fashion show and an exercise to assemble appropriate outfits, the executive assistants determined their own internal standards. This achieved the client’s goal of setting appropriate attire guidelines and obtaining staff buy-in at the same time. Consulting services that lead to results, not just talk. Garza Protocol brings decades of experience with corporations, non-profit organizations, and government, on all levels and in many cultures.

Project Description: Strategic Coaching for Organizational Growth

Garza Protocol helped a non-profit organization develop and execute a corporate diplomacy and community relations strategy. The organization’s CEO and board believed communication with key industry and government stakeholders needed improvement. Garza Protocol worked with the client to identify key stakeholders, define objectives for each group, and crafted a plan to engage each. We conducted an internal audit with senior staff to determine what information they wanted stakeholders to have, and compiled it into meaningful categories, like “terms to know,” “background information,” “issues & opportunities,” as well as “answers to frequently asked questions.” We took a multi-tiered approach—we worked with staff to arrange for the president & CEO to pay courtesy calls on local government officials and other key stakeholders accompanied by board members, we invited key stakeholders to industry events so they could see staff at work and have the opportunity to interact with them, and we hosted a briefing for senior staff and administrative assistant of key government officials.

Client Result: Fresh Ideas, Renewed Energy, and Supportive Stakeholders

The project was so successful that the mayor and several city council members assisted the organization in reaching out to its clients, and helped secure future business. Garza Protocol developed a Master Action Plan. Garza Protocol was initially hired on a six-month basis; the contract was renewed twice to implement both the short and long-term plan.