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Test Your Protocol Knowledge

Question #1

Flag Display

Your company, based in Chicago, does business in Mexico and is hosting a trade delegation of Mexican business leaders. As a sign of welcome you would like to display the Mexican flag. How do you properly display the flags of Illinois, the City of Chicago, Mexico and the U.S. at an event?


Question #2

Meet the Ambassador

You are attending a lunch in honor of the Brazilian ambassador, who is in town to give a speech at the university to promote student exchanges and encourage business internships. Your company sponsors Brazilian students, several of whom will be with you at the lunch. You would like them to meet the ambassador. How can you politely make this happen?


Question #3

Cultural Holiday Gift

Your company is working on a multi-year project with a company in China.  You would like to give the senior executives gifts during the holidays, but have a small budget and limited time for customized shopping.  You also know some gifts are appropriate in some cultures, but not others, and you don’t want to make a costly, embarrassing mistake.  Which gift would be “safe,” in your situation?


Question #4

New Consul General

You have learned that a new consul general of India has been appointed for your city.  Your company has growing business in India, and you would like the consulate to be responsive if you ever need help with a visa or trade matter.  What, if anything, should you do?


Question #5

Commemorative Ceremony

Your hospital has just received a generous donation from a former patient from the United Arab Emirates (U.A.E.). The money will be used to create an exchange program for physicians and researchers between your hospital and a hospital in Abu Dhabi. You would like to thank the donor and commemorate the occasion. What should you do?


Question #6

How to Address the Consul

Jacques Boyer, the Consul General of France, is coming to tour the school where you teach.  How should you properly address him?  You must also introduce him to speak at an assembly.  What’s the correct form?