Garza Protocol Associates offers experienced guidance to clients in many industries on topics relating to protocol, business etiquette, business strategy, and cross-cultural interactions.

International Business Strategy Planning

Garza Protocol Associates will develop cultural analyses of countries where you want to do business, recommend effective means of contacting potential business partners, teach you the protocol for visits and negotiations, and ensure your team is ready for the challenge of a new market or a new overseas partner.

Corporate Diplomacy and Relationship Management

Today’s global arena requires the skills of diplomacy to meet corporate objectives: promote your company’s interests, negotiate on its behalf, build relationships, develop economic ties and act as its official representative. Garza Protocol Associates will work with your team to determine internal and external influencers: clients, employees, investors, media, and government officials. We will analyze issues, set goals, and develop strategies that will impact these relationships through negotiation, alliances, and strong community, government, and public relations.

Development of In-House Protocol Expertise

Garza Protocol Associates can help government offices, companies, and other organizations consolidate their international activities for greater efficiency and effectiveness.  Garza Protocol Associates helps to analyze staffing needs, to create procedures for hosting visitors and for international travel, to develop a gift program, to plan staff training, and to work with other protocol offices as appropriate.

Retainer Services

Some of Garza Protocol Associates’ clients prefer to engage Sonia Garza-Monarchi on a retainer basis, for prompt access to expertise when things happen quickly.  Like having an in-house protocol expert, she can provide oversight assistance to members of your team handling dignitary relations, event planning, staff training, and more.  Garza Protocol Associates brings the value of protocol and diplomacy to an organization’s business strategy, avoiding costly mis-understandings and resulting in stronger global business relations and positive economic development.