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How Our Clients Benefit

Garza Protocol’s clients represent many industries and work in all parts of the world, confronting unique challenges. But big or small, they know partnering with us gives them an advantage and helps them succeed.


Garza Protocol Associates helps clients:

  •   Improve business development by understanding and applying protocol and cross-cultural best practices
  •   Develop relationship management strategies that result in long-lasting positive relationships with international customers and stakeholders
  •   Establish offices and procedures for managing key aspects of working with markets in other cultures
  •   Increase your team’s cross-cultural knowledge and the global competencies needed to succeed when working with different business customs in today’s international market
  •   Organize successful events featuring multiple cultures, leading to establishment of openings or continuation of relationships with new and valued clients
  •   Apply the rules of protocol for strategic benefit
  •   Gain a clear understanding of the role of corporate diplomacy in influencing business outcomes
  •   Create customized strategic solutions designed to meet key objectives
  •   Develop global competencies and cross-cultural skills to navigate the international arena
  •   Host productive visits by government officials and other distinguished visitors, confident that every detail has been handled correctly
  •   Build stronger communication skills, enabling effective communication with people from any culture
  •   Expand international networking and build successful business relationships
  •   Consider the cultural issues that impact success, and learn best practices to identify, assess, and adapt as needed
  •   Understand the global context of local decisions
  •   Are sure that their teams know how to proceed in protocol-sensitive situations
  •   Feel confident that their teams know how to make the right impression on clients and colleagues abroad
  •   Provide their teams and leaders with the tools to thrive in a global market
  •   Improve their international image and increase influence
  •   Plan successful high-profile events, without stress or distraction
  •   Project a more professional image as a global leader to the international community
  • GHVB
  • AACC
  • Halliburton
  • Lockhead Martin
  • Cheniere
  • Walmart
  • BCM
  • FSD
  • FIU
  • US Airforce
  • NLGA
  • HESS
  • SIDO
  • AAPA
  • Direct Energy
  • APLU
  • EWI
  • ACC
  • Webster Group
  • Houston Airports
  • Marathon Oil
  • MD Anderson
  • The Sullivan Group
  • Memorial Herman


Garza Protocol’s mission is to help our clients succeed in the global market by providing practical protocol & business etiquette training, expert visit and event management, and strategies for corporate diplomacy.


Our Typical Client Results

Build successful international business relationships. Communicate effectively with people from any culture. Apply the rules of protocol for strategic benefit.